Fitness design and functionDESIGN: What truly separates our Norwell series from other outdoor fitness equipment brands is the high focus on
delivering a timeless and minimalistic Danish design. The design has been developed in cooperation
with a Danish design company by the name of DOK54. The unique forming of the main element – the
curve – creates a lightness and transparency suited for any environment and landscape. Most of the
outdoor fitness equipment available today will resemble indoor fitness equipment, but the Norwell series
equipment is meant to be sculptural and fit into the outdoor environment.

FUNCTION: Part of the design process when creating the Norwell models was to make the equipment highly
functional. The equipment is designed to give the user full exercise movements. Lack of full exercise
movements in outdoor fitness equipment is a problem that the majority of outdoor fitness equipment
suffer from. Most outdoor fitness equipment is not designed with focus on functionality, and having equipment not allowing for full exercise movements will reduce the outcome of the training and in worst-case result in injuries. The Norwell equipment is designed taking into account the average of atonomy and movements of a 1,70m tall person on the 13+ line and the average sizes and movements of a 1,40m tall child on the Junior line.

USE OF THE EQUIPMENT:  Norwell provides outdoor fitness solutions for both adults and children. For adults, you have 16 different models in the Norwell 13+ line each having multiple exercise options. For children, you have 10 different models in the Norwell Junior line each as well having multiple exercise options. For buyers and users to learn more about the different exercise options, you have several methods. All equipment comes with a sticker attached showing different exercise options. On the sticker you will as well find a QR-code. Scanning this QR-code with your Smartphone will take you directly to see video clips of the different exercise options. You can furthermore download our free Smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android), which comes in a 13+ version and a Junior version. In these apps you will be able to see video clips of the different exercise options. In addition, if the Norwell fitness park is equipped with a Norwell Sign then you will also here be able to gain an overview of the different models and their exercise options. To learn more about the use of the equipment, please see our Norwell Fitness Guide. This guide provides you with detailed instructions and inspiration on how to use the equipment. The guide works furthermore as a teaching tool for instructors and teachers.

USE OF FITNESS EQUIPMENT GUIDE: In order to learn which fitness exercises you can do with the different Norwell series, you can use the Fitness Guides. In this guide you will be able to learn about and find inspiration to different exercise options on all the different fitness models. You will have both a fitness guide for the 13+ and the Junior line. The guide will feature explanations on how to do the exercises and suggestions to different fitness programs. All the exercises are explained with pictures in order to visually understand the equipment techniques. You will as well find a QR-code, which when you scan it using your Smartphone will show a video clip.



Fitness equipment environment

DURABILITY & DESIGN: Norwell fitness equipment series is suited for all environments in Australia. This is not only due to its high durability, but also the sculptural and aesthetic design.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Norwell series fitness equipment will endure any weather conditions, which is already proven by installations in harsh climates not only in Australia but around the world such as in Alaska, Norway, Iceland and even on cruise ships. On the other end the equipment has also proven durable in very humid climates in such countries as Singapore and Hong Kong.

SCULPTURAL DESIGN: The sculptural design of the Norwell equipment allows for the equipment to be placed into all environments. The equipment is takes a minimalistic influence in the landscape, and therefore will fit in naturally as part of the existing environment. The equipment’s colour is furthermore neutral, which prevents sharp contrasts in the landscape.