Fitness design and functionDESIGN: What truly separates our series from other outdoor fitness equipment brands is the high focus on
delivering a timeless and quality design.

FUNCTION: Part of the design process when creating the models was to make the equipment highly
functional. The equipment is designed to give the user full exercise movements. Lack of full exercise
movements in outdoor fitness equipment is a problem that the majority of outdoor fitness equipment
suffer from. Most outdoor fitness equipment is not designed with focus on functionality, and having equipment not allowing for full exercise movements will reduce the outcome of the training and in worst-case result in injuries.

USE OF THE EQUIPMENT:  We provide outdoor fitness solutions for both adults and children.

USE OF FITNESS EQUIPMENT GUIDE: In order to learn which fitness exercises you can do with the different series, you can use the Fitness Guides. In this guide you will be able to learn about and find inspiration to different exercise options on all the different fitness models.