Outdoor fitness equipment social benefits HEALTH PROMOTION: Advantages of improved health by using outdoor fitness equipment may vary depending on the customer type and demographics of the area. This will be very relevant when working out exact concepts of outdoor fitness equipment.

Today more and more people are living an unhealthy lifestyle where computers, TV and fast food have a large influence. We drive to work, sit down at the office, drive home and watch TV at the couch – maybe we are not moving as much as we should. Outdoor fitness  equipment provides a public option to overcome some of the unhealthy lifestyles that are seen today.

Outdoor fitness equipment is out in the open with plenty of fresh air in contrary to indoor fitness in confined spaces that can be crowded and filled with heavy air. Furthermore, compared to indoor fitness, outdoor fitness is a more green way of exercising, as there is no heavy energy consumption like in indoor gyms.


  • Outdoor Fitness series is truly intergenerational, as it provides options for both adults and children. Often there will be a playground and some benches where parents or grandparents would sit while the children played.
  • Outdoor fitness equipment can be used a social platform to bring together people of all walks of life. It can provide a place for the local community to meet and get closer together.
  • Having an outdoor fitness park is a way of creating a place where people can enjoy and use the city/town.


  • Outdoor fitness is available at all hours all year around – it is not necessary to sign up for classes, show up during opening hours and similar. It is free and without need for membership. It is also total inclusive, as everyone can use it!
  • Outdoor fitness equipment takes physical limitations into consideration and can therefore offer all inclusive equipment, so all can join and enjoy fitness out in the fresh air.
  • In order to allow all people to join and make it easy to access, the equipment can be placed almost everywhere in the outdoor environment. The models are different in their size, where some are good for small spaces, making everywhere a possible health area.